Welcome to Hola Chai

Welcome to Hola Chai

HOLA CHAI is the most contemporary version of your neighborhood ‘Tapri’. It is an aesthetically designed, quality-conscious and extremely hygienic tea outlet that has set out to redefine your ‘Chai Break’ experience.

HOLA CHAI focuses on all the necessary aspects associated with Tea - taste, quality, hygiene and ambience. We make your Chai Break more exciting than it has ever been. Right from preparation of tea to its serving, the entire process has been substantially enhanced to provide you with an unparalleled experience. And yet, we have consciously maintained the cost of your Chai as low as the traditional Tapris.

We aspire to make HOLA CHAI your most preferred Tapri. Our first store has opened at Mahim West and we are already in the process of scouting for more locations. We promise to spread across the city soon so that you can avail the HOLA CHAI experience, wherever you go.
For most Indians, tea isn’t just any another beverage. It is an integral part of their daily lives. For most of us tea lovers, ‘Chal Chai peete hain’ is not just another routine invitation for tea at a nearby tea outlet (referred to as a ‘Tapri’). It is a unique, priceless experience that we share with our friends / family.

Traditional Tapris, although catering to a large part of the daily tea consumption, lacked the desired standards of quality, hygiene and ambience; thereby limiting (and sometimes diminishing) your Chai- time experience. We knew that this experience needed to be substantially enhanced – now and forever. And thus was born the idea of HOLA CHAI.

The Chai

HOLA CHAI is the popular milk tea – ENHANCED.

HOLA CHAI is the popular milk tea – ENHANCED.

Tea is consumed daily and even multiple times in a day; hence it is imperative that it is hygienic and healthy, apart from of course, being tasty.

Hola Chai primarily focuses on providing the highest quality through the entire process from preparation to serving the tea. We only use branded, high-quality ingredients (milk, sugar and tea leaves); we use the most contemporary Induction cook-tops to assure safety and efficiency and we maintain highly hygienic conditions in the outlet ensuring a pleasant experience to you, always.

And yet, we have consciously priced our product low – in fact, as low as the traditional, local Tapris. After all, we want Hola Chai to be your first choice for the choicest beverage of the nation.

The Outlet

Hola Chai’s first outlet is located at MMC Road, opposite railway station, Mahim West. Our aim is to be a hyper-local chain of outlets to service multiple neighborhoods.

We have designed our outlet as a vibrant, happy place to be in. We want to make your Chai-time break more exciting than just a few tasty sips of tea. We want to enhance your experience and have you enter and exit smiling, every time you visit us. As tea lovers, chai time is a happy experience and we wish to exactly provide that – in abundance.

We intend opening more outlets soon – both company owned and franchised. We want to ensure you always have an easy access to a Hola Chai, wherever you are in the city.

Hola @ your office

Want to have the Hola Chai taste and quality in your office??

Want to have the Hola Chai taste and quality in your office??

With a Hola Kiosk, you and your colleagues can get the impeccable Hola Chai experience at your office itself.

Hola Kiosk is a compact, managed kiosk that can provide freshly brewed, tasty and refreshing tea everyday at your office. We set up the kiosk at our cost, provide trained staff to prepare and serve tea and take care of all the logistics involved in ensuring your staff gets the highest quality tea at extremely competitive prices.

To know more about Hola Kiosk, drop in a mail to hb@holachai.com or simply post your details here.


Hola Chai is appointing franchisees across Mumbai (and soon, other cities too).

Our product composition and processes ensure excellent ROI and operating break-even within the first 90 days. Depending on the location, the total investment can range from INR 8 lacs to INR 12 lacs maximum.

If you are interested in this highly profitable business opportunity, please post your details here.

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